If things don’t work out on my first novel I am not going to stress because……#firstnovel #writer

Here’s a great post from ‘Blondewritemore’ about writing her first novel.
We all hear that nagging voice of doubt when we prepare to show our work to the world. It’s a scary process but she makes some excellent points on why you should do it anyway.

I hope you enjoy it,

Happy writing 😀


Just trying to put this book writing malarkey into perspective.

If I finish my first novel and my only sale is from one of my parents I am not going to stress. You have heard it here first!

I am not going to have a creative tantrum, strop off or write post after post about how depressed I am.

Nope, I am not doing any of these things because even after producing a naff book…..

1. I will still have my marriage (obviously it depends on how naff a book with my loved one)

2. I will still have a roof over my head (again depends on the quality of the book)

3. I will be proud of myself for trying.

4. I will be able to say “I wrote a novel”

5. I will still have my Blonde blog and I can post amusing stuff like “I have had…

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