All The Way – Friday Fictioneers

Alas, I’m not dead!

I have not been taken by those pesky aliens or indeed as some rumours claim, eaten myself to death via chocolate cake.

I have, however, been wading through the paperwork that is new school admissions, amidst bathroom remodelling and attempting to make the house look less like we’ve been robbed.

So with the first moments to myself in weeks, I’ve barricaded myself in the office, disguised myself as someone who actually completes things and wrote.

I hope you enjoy my latest entry for Friday Fictioneers run by the lovely Rochelle. But if not, it isn’t my fault, my muse got lost in the clutter πŸ™‚

PHOTO PROMPT – Β© Kent Bonham


All The Way

‘You’re sure this’ll work?’

‘Of course,’ he said, pulling the syringe out of her arm.

‘What about side effects?’

He shook his head. ‘She won’t even know she was here.’

Evan watched as they inserted the chip into Anna’s neck. The cut was so small even he would’ve been hard pressed to find it again.

A wave of relief washed through his body as they made the final adjustments.

No more running.

They handed him the device. Numbers flashed up on the screen showing him her exact location.

He smiled. Now he’d always know right where she was…forever.

99 words

33 thoughts on “All The Way – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I thought the first part was your story! I laughed at the ‘alas, I’m not dead’ and the ‘chocolate cake’ part and when I got to the end I kind of wondered how it fit in with the picture prompt! ha ha. Loved your actual story too. How creepy that he’s stalking her like that.

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  2. This gets one thinking if whether or not some of us has this but are unable to remember.
    Very intriguing and a unique take on the picture prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m reading it as though Evan was the one being followed – otherwise why was he running? I’m going to stick with that interpretation because I like it. It gives me so much to think about – who is he? who is she? Most intriguing.

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